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Traditional Chinese Medicine
for all ages

EFA's waiting room.


Eugene Family Acupuncture is committed to bringing safe, gentle, patient-centered care to people of all ages in the Eugene community. In an effort to keep the entire family healthy, we utilize special modalities, not limited to acupuncture, to accommodate each patient's needs. We enjoy working with a wide range of people with varying needs. We specialize in neurological conditions, pediatrics, mental-emotional support, and natural pain management. 

While allopathic medicine has its strength in diagnosing diseases and treating acute conditions (MRI, surgeries, etc.), Chinese medicine has its strength in preventing and healing the body, from the root of the cause. Chinese medicine's holistic approach is less invasive to your body, and not side effect ridden. We are here to assist you in living in optimal health, both physically and mentally.


Because we are committed to offering our patients the best care available, if you have any questions or concerns before making an appointment, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to talk about your needs and our approaches and how we can help you.


Acupuncture is an effective, time-tested medicine. It is one form of medicine within the broad scope of Traditional Chinese Medicine in which very thin, sterile needles are inserted at specific points on the body. In China, Traditional Chinese Medicine stands on its own as the primary form of medicine within hospitals and clinics (with our Western medicine being a secondary, complementary form of medicine). 

Patient Information

Acupuncture can be intimidating for those new to the medicine. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in choosing Eugene Family Acupuncture to help your mind and body stay in optimal health.

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